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This is the preliminary starting page for the NUS Physics Department workshop. It is a wiki, so registered users can add and edit stuff. You can securely log in with your NUS ID using the link in the top right corner.

People & Contacts

Workshop Manager: Mr. Goh Eng Kee

Workshop Staff:

  • Mdm. Lee Lai Bay (Second-In-Charge)
  • Mr. Suradi Bin Sukri
  • Mr. Abu Mansor Bin Haji Na'man
  • Mr. Fong Tong Weng

Location is S11-01-01, Tel. 6516 2642. Opening hours are: Mon~Thu (0830~1800), Fri (0830~1730); Lunch (1300~1400).

Design help: Please approach the manager or any of our Workshop staff (as shown above).

Academic contact: Christian Kurtsiefer, S15-02-04, Tel. 6516-1250

Capabilities of the Physics Department workshop

The physics workshop as a variety of manufacturing capabilities. This includes

  • 5 manual milling machines, 4 NC milling machines, and 2 contemporary CNC machining centers,
  • 2 manual and 2 NC lathes for making parts with rotational symmetry,
  • a NC (fast wire) wire-cut machine for cutting complex shapes out of hard material,
  • various drill presses,
  • several hand held power saws to cut thick pieces of metal,
  • a circular saw for wood and plastic sheet only.
  • a band saw,
  • a hydraulic shears to cut sheet metal,for stainless steel not more than 1mm are allowed,
  • 2 abrasive blast units filled with corundum and glass beads,
  • equipment for welding and brazing,
  • an extensive collection of hand tools,
  • a hydraulic press.
  • Manufacturing all types of components in wide variety of material e,g aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and Perspex.

With time, we will provide a more detailed description of the individual tools, and what can be done with them.

How to


Job list

A preliminary version of a database for jobs submitted to the physics workshop can be found on the Job list page. Please provide suggestions what to include.

Students' Corner

A space created for Students' Corner (Officially launched by Head of Physics Department, Prof Sow Chorng Haur on 08/Jan/2016)

3D Printing Service

A space created for 3D Printing Service ...

Knowledge base

External sources

  • The Local supplies page gives some hints where to get what in terms of parts (screws, O-rings etc) locally.
  • Local External manufacturing and processing services you may want to consider. Consult with workshop staff for more options.

Frequently and not so frequently asked questions

To start, we have a Generic FAQ list you could consult for a first answer.


To get an idea of some of the parts made by the workshop in the past and what can be done here, visit the gallery.


The workshop will never be perfect. But we like to hear from you what shoud be improved, or what you would like to have, be it in terms of tools, documentation, services. Leave your comments on the Suggestions page.

ToDo list for this set of pages

Please add stuff on this ToDo list, so we can slowly work through it as people have time to do so.

  • Provide template for job list (action:CK, follow e.g. CQT implementation)
  • provide links to CAD software - more to come?
  • assign responsibilities, who to contact
  • come up with a nicer logo
  • add machine descriptions
  • do a quick survey of raw material
  • write some howto pages on job submission

Wiki References

General:: You probably have used wikipedia many times to get information. These pages are similar, but can and should be used in both directions, i.e., you can read AND write. Consult the User's Guide for information to see how. For urgent needs we have some info on the Wiki quick reference page.


A Documents Depository Area for internal use only!

Booking Of Machines

A preliminary version of a database for booking of machines in the physics workshop by qualified/certified person can be found on the Booking Of Machines page. Please provide suggestions what to include.

Some Test area to try various things (temporary use)